STEVE Workshop

STEVE workshop 2022


Second STEVE Community Workshop - October 6-8, 2022

The organizing committee would like to invite you to participate in the Second STEVE Community Workshop: Advancing Understanding of a New Atmospheric Phenomenon. The agenda is now available.

The workshop is hybrid with the in-person participation taking place at MIT Haystack Observatory.

The organizing committee is deeply grateful for US National Science Foundation funding that enables the STEVE workshop under grant AGS-2025481.

Workshop Goals

As you are well aware, STEVE has passed beyond an initial discovery period and is now recognized as a bona fide geophysical phenomenon with numerous observational sightings and recent enlightening studies. The purpose of this workshop is to maintain community momentum on STEVE research. Observational and theoretical geospace scientists and stakeholders will gather to disseminate STEVE research findings, identify outstanding questions about the phenomenon, and to continue formulation of future research plans and collaborative studies on the topic.

Workshop Structure

The 3 day workshop will have two general foci: (1) serve as a venue for developing observation strategies, experimental campaigns and associated observation modes to fill in both synoptic and event-based data gaps; (2) organize modeling efforts, guided by known phenomenological characteristics to date, to answer key and evolving community questions about the physical morphology and dynamics of STEVE.